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Dave's Aircraft Works Foam 51D

daw epp foam 1-26 hlg


Span: 48"
Length: 35"
Area: 453 Sq.In.
Flying Weight: 31 to 34 ounces
Airfoil: S3016
Price: $109 + $15.00 S/H in Cont. U.S.

Designed by Dave Sanders

Dave’s version of the WWII P-51D Mustang has put a smile on the face of a lot of slope pilots, especially those that want a hard hitting combat model. It’s easy and fast to build and fly.

This is a docile flying model that a pilot with very modest flying skills can handle but in the hands of an experienced pilot it can turn fast, knife edge well, fly inverted and if combat is your thing it will impress you with it’s ability to kill and recover.

Receiver choices: Berg 4 channel Microstamp or Hitec Micro 05s
Servos: Hitec 322HD
Battery: Any flat pack Nicad or NiMh 600 Mah or higher

What's included in the DAW Foam 51D:

  • Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam wing panels with pre-cut spar slots
  • Preshaped leading edge
  • Machine cut Expanded Polypropylene fuselage
  • Coroplast (TM) corrugated plastic stabilizer and fin
  • Basswood spars and and dihedral braces
  • Balsa sub-trailing edge
  • Balsa trailing edge stock
  • Complete hardware package, including pushrods
  • Block of scrap EPP foam for construction and repairs
  • Comprehensive instruction manual including CAD figures and taping diagrams.

What's needed to finish the DAW Foam 51D:

  • Adhesives – 5 minute epoxy, polyurethane glue such as ProBond or Gorilla glue or Goop
  • Reinforcement tape
  • Covering material - UltraCote
  • Radio equipment - See Above!.

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