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Dave's Aircraft Works Foamie Warbirds

Perhaps no other designer has enjoyed the success that Dave Sanders did with his great line of EPP kits. It was a sad day for the modeling community when Dave and Shelby had to stop producing kits. Their departure left a huge void that has not been filled.

When Dave first introduced the D.A.W. Foamie Combat Warbird Kits they were a revolution in foamie technology for R/C slope airplanes.

Although foamie combat models had been around for a number years, Dave's were the first to be offered in the form of historic, semi-scale, fighter aircraft. True to their full-scale counterparts, these models are designed to take the most brutal combat punishment. Wings and fuselage are of resilient Expanded Polypropylene foam / filament tape / iron-on-film composite construction; tail surfaces are rugged Coroplast (TM) hollow-core plastic sheet. In addition to incredible durability and good looks, they offer crisp and satisfying aerobatic performance in a wide range of lift conditions. When complete, they're completely un-distinguishable from a film covered, wood construction aircraft! Discover for yourself the utter joy and satisfaction of a foamie scale fighter.. You'll never fly the slopes quite the same way again.

SkyKing RC Products is proud to reintroduce the most important models in the DAW stable of kits.

Here’s a list of the DAW Warbird kits we are currently offering:

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